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 “Messiah” 2016

April 11    -  Or Akiva

April 13 - Beer Sheva

April 15  - Jerusalem.


Or Akiva

Cultural Center

Phone: 04-6266636

All ticket information and sales, including group ticket prices, are available only at the above telephone number.


Beer Sheva

Youth Center 

Phone: 08-6266400 ext. 1, or

Order Tickets for Beer Sheva

Ticket price is 70 NIS



St. Andrew's Church

Order Tickets for Jerusalem

Ticket price is 90 NIS

The ticket price for a group of ten or more is 60 NIS, a saving of 33%. Group tickets can be ordered by sending SMS to 054-5263028. (If you SMS to order group tickets, please include: name, telephone number and number of tickets. The tickets will be held at the door an hour before performance. Cash only, please!)  


Upcoming Season

The 2015-2016 Concert Season


“Looking Back - Looking Forward”


2015 - Looking Back –Both concert series in 2015 were excellently produced. From season to season the level of performance is steadily improving. There were two performances of  the now  annual “Messiah” in Hebrew in March. Both performances were extremely well received by record size audiences. The Winter Project concert, presented on December 5th, was entitled “Psalms Plus.” The program included the Bach “Sanctus” in D Major BWV 238 (in Hebrew - “Kadosh”), three settings of Psalm 23, by David Loden (in Hebrew), Franz Schubert (in German) and John Rutter (in English,  “Requiem” by Fauré and the concert finished with the  premiere of David Loden’s setting of Psalm 87 for orchestra and choir. We are grateful to all the supporters, artists and audience which made that evening extraordinary.!

2016 - Looking Forward –  January  8,2016 was the first concert of the year and it was a special benefit concert entitled “Faith and Bread.” We were invited to perform on an evening dedicated to raising money to aid Syrian refugees. We quickly put together a program that included a number of the pieces we had performed in December 2015. This program included the Bach “Sanctus”, Schubert and Rutter settings of Psalm 23 and the Fauré “Requiem”, to which we added the “Gloria” of Vivaldi. The evening was a great success and a significant amount of money was raised. The evening also featured the first public performance of a new Israeli Vocal Quartet, “Agapella.” Four highly skilled singers: Nava Sahar, Tamar Landsberg-Yakirevich, Moshe Hass and Peter Simpson presented a cappella works by Baroque composers in stunning fashion. It was a  beautiful virtuoso debut performance. Look for a promising future for this group!  

This year’s annual presentation of “Messiah” by G.F. Handel in Hebrew will happen the week before Passover. 

11th of April at 8:00 pm in the Cultural Center - Or Akiva

13th of April at 8:00 pm in the Youth Center for the Arts - Beer Sheva

15th of April in 1:00 pm in St Andrew’s Church (the “Scottish”) - Jerusalem

Liturgi-Kal will again work with the “Barrocade” Baroque orchestra. The soloists are:

Nava Sahar, Soprano - Shahar Lavi, Alto - Oshri Segev, Tenor and John Shuffle, Bass.



An additional Fall concert is is planned for November. Since it is still in the early planning stages, we will send you information as it becomes available.

Our Latest News*

The Spring Concerts


The Spring concerts of “Messiah” in Hebrew were the best we have done to this date. We again registered a substantial increase in audiences this Spring. By far, however, the most exciting aspect was the 100% increase of our guests; 200 Holocaust Survivors! …




“… to the West, the East, the North and the South.”


This year we will see a dream come true. For some time we have desired to do concerts in the South of the country. This year we add a third performance of “Messiah” in Hebrew to the annual event calendar… in Beer Sheva! … 


International Choir Festival


May 15, 16, 17 2017


Liturgi-Kal has been invited to be the host choir for an international choir festival in 2017, to be held on the shores of the Kinneret. Here is the information from Vered Hasharon Tours, the organisers of the festival… 




David Loden’s new cantata “Yesudato”, a musical setting of Psalm 87 for choir and orchestra was presented in the concert “Psalms Plus” in December 2015. A version for piano (four hands) and ethnic percussion is being prepared…  See and Hear Psalm 87 by David Loden

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About Kamti


KAMTI, Excellence and Accessibility in the Arts

“Kamti” is a non-profit association (amuta) to provide a platform for communication projects of high quality which present liturgical and biblical texts in Hebrew through the arts of music and theatre. The name “Kamti” is an acronym for the Hebrew name of the society.


Schedule: Calendar of Events


Schedule: Calendar of Events


1st Concert Series


"Messiah" by Handel in Hebrew - Now a yearly event! 



For many people, Handel's Messiah is a familiar and beloved piece of music. The texts are directly from the Bible, both "Tenach" and New Testament. The music is beautiful and stirring, beloved of Christians and Jews alike

Since its composition, it has been sung in countries all over the world. Although originally performed in English, it has been sung in many different languages including German, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Afrikaans and Xhosa translations – and most recently, in Hebrew.

The work has been performed a number of times in Israel in English. Each time it is presented Israelis from every strata of society come to the performances. For many years, there has been a desire to see this work presented in Hebrew so that it would be even more accessible to the Israeli public. In 2007, a pilot hearing of this work was given and the work was performed for the first time in Hebrew. "Kamti" and "Liturgi-Kal" have continued after that historic event to present this great work on a professional level.

The choir first performed this work in the second week of May, 2010. Five performances were then given, and an additional three in December. All were received with great appreciation by the Israeli audiences. Since then, the Liturgi-Kal Concert Choir has performed this masterpiece in Hebrew every year. It is rapidly becoming a traditional yearly event




2nd Concert Series

An Evening of Israeli Composers


As you probably know by now, we love to perform music in Hebrew. In this special evening we will be presenting music by different composers all written originally in Hebrew. We really have a vast and wonderful repertoire available to us and nothing gives us more pleasure than to share these gems with our audience.


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