Messiah משיח

Handel's Messiah Right Now!

"Messiah" by G.F. Handel 2018

Sung in Hebrew


The "Liturgi-Kal" Choir and The Tel Aviv Soloists Ensemble

Conducted By David Loden



Adaya Peled, Soprano

Alon Harari, Counter Tenor

Oshri Segev, Tenor

Yair Polishook, Bass-Baritone


Monday, April 9th (8:00 PM)

Or Akiva, Heichal HaTarbut


Tuesday, April 10th (8:00 PM)

Tel Aviv, Stricker Auditorium


Thursday, April 26th (8:00 PM)

Jerusalem, The Garden Tomb


For many people, Handel’s Messiah is a familiar and beloved piece of music. The texts are directly from the Bible, both “Tenach” and New Testament. The music is beautiful and stirring, beloved of Christians and Jews alike. Since its composition, it has been sung in countries all over the world. Although originally performed in English, it has been sung in many different languages including German, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Afrikaans and Xhosa translations – and most recently, in Hebrew. The work has been performed a number of times in Israel in English. Each time it is presented Israelis from every strata of society come to the performances. For many years, there has been a desire to see this work presented in Hebrew so that it would be even more accessible to the Israeli public. In 2007, a pilot hearing of this work was given and the work was performed for the first time in Hebrew. “Kamti” and “Liturgi-Kal” have ..continued after that historic event to present this great work on a professional level.






























Click here for our nine minute tour through Handel's Messiah in Hebrew