About Kamti

About Kamti



KAMTI, Excellence and Accessibility in the arts

"Kamti" is a non-profit production association or 'Amuta' which was founded in 2009 to provide a platform for high quality projects which present biblical and liturgical texts in Hebrew through music and theatre. The name "Kamti" is an acronym for the Hebrew name of the society. 

Throughout time, art has always served people as a form of communication which transcends individual and cultural barriers and speaks directly to the soul. The composer of vocal music is in a constant struggle to frame the words effectively. Historically, composers wrote musical settings for liturgical texts so that these noble ideas would be set in a frame of beauty and power; thereby causing them to be better understood. 

Kamti and the Liturgi-Kal choir present liturgical music either written in, or translated to the Hebrew language. In this manner the vast repertoire of choral literature can become comprehensible to the local audience, thereby realizing the intent of the composer and providing a unique and deeper experience for the hearer. Texts from the Jewish and Christian traditions then are reclaimed from the category of only "Art" and restored to their original function of communication.

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