Brahms Requiem

2016 Season - Winter Concert "Ein deutsches Requiem" by Brahms

“The German Requiem” by Johannes Brahms – Sung in Hebrew

“The German Requiem” was completed by Brahms in 1866, as a monumental work of six movements. His reason for writing this work was two tragic events within a space of nine years; the death of Robert Schumann in 1856 and the death of Brahms’ mother in 1865. It was only two years later, in 1868, that what is now the fifth movement (the stunning soprano solo piece) was written. The entire work of seven movements is between 65 and 75 minutes in length.

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Liturgy - Then, Here and Now

In May and June of 2012 the "Liturgi-Kal" Choir and the "Barrocade" Ensemble presented an evening called “Liturgy… Then and Now” with Soloists from the choir and special guests from Stuttgart, Germany. The concerts were: Thursday, May 31st at Heichal Hatarbut, Or Akiva and Saturday, June 2nd in the Pavilion Theatre in Jerusalem. The program consisted of: Cantata number 4 by J. S. Bach, and ”Te Deum" by Charpentier, both sung in Hebrew, and "Te Deum" by Arvo Pärt, sung in Latin.

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Gloria Evening

In spring 2011, Kamti presented the “Gloria Evening” program featuring two settings of the ancient creedal statement “Gloria”. The first setting was from the Baroque period, by composer Antonio Vivaldi, performed in the Hebrew language. The second setting was a modern one, by the contemporary English composer John Rutter. The third portion of the program was the Overture to the first orchestral suite by J. S. Bach. The program was received with enthusiastic reactions by all who attended.

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