Choir News

Shalom to all.

I hope you are all surviving the hot summer. I find it quite hard to do creative work in this heat, but we don't have a choice! The December concerts are shaping up well. I am concentrating now on raising the money to do those concerts. The divorce of the United Kingdom from the European Union has made many (particularly in England) very conservative about contributions. We are going ahead with planning, nonetheless.

We are doing (as you know) my Psalm 87, the German Requiem of Brahms and a short section of Efrat Gerlich's Oratorio on the Prophet Daniel. We will do one concert at the Stricker Auditorium in Tel Aviv and one at Christ Church in Jerusalem.

An interesting side note: One of the more difficult things about doing my Psalm 87 is finding tubular bells (orchestral chimes.) I don't need the whole set, but they are hard to find in Israel. One place will rent them to me for a ridiculous amount of money. So I have been in contact with someone in England who makes them and may buy the two tones I need! Also, you might be aware that we are doing the Brahms in the Chamber Orchestra Version made by Joachim Linckelmann in 2009. I went to Stuttgart in 2011 to hear it done by Monica Meira Vasques and the “Laudamus Te” Ensemble, we then did it here in 2012 in Hebrew. When I decided to do it again this year, I wrote to Joachim Linckelmann to tell him we were doing it in Hebrew, and he offered to help prepare a master score for me with his version, but with Hebrew lyrics! He may come to hear it in December.

As you can see, the new Kamti web page is up! It still needs some tweaking, but it is finally up after much difficulty. I am looking forward to seeing all of you in October when we start rehearsals. I attach the rehearsal schedule to this message for your perusal. I am going away for most of August for a much needed holiday. Before I go, I will try to get electronic versions of the three pieces we are doing into your hands so that you may begin to learn the material.

All the best,

David Loden